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If You’re Coming in From Out of Town, Out of State or Out of Country

“The Dark Knight Rises” is sure to be one of the most exciting film experiences that BeInAMovie.com has been able to offer to the public.

 Please read this at least twice…. THIS IS IMPORTANT
This is a chance to Be On Set and Be In The Movie.

From what we hear, it will be one remarkable day that includes unique film experiences even we havent experienced!  Truly a once in a lifetime memory that the general public rarely if ever gets a chance to be part of.  We expect to have people signing up and coming in from every state and dozens of countries to be on set during this one day of exciting filmmaking. 

Please read the following VERY carefully and really think about it thoroughly before signing up.

1) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is BeInAMovie.com, Big Crowd Productions, Warner Brothers or any entity having to do with this film responsible for any expenses, fees, costs, etc you may incur associated with your participation in the filming.

Since this is an outdoor scene, if it rains or the weather is bad on Saturday, filming will be moved to Sunday.  If both Saturday and Sunday are not conducive to film these scenes, decisions as to rescheduling will be made then.  Again, any extra costs, fees, expenses, etc you incur, as a result of a reschedule are solely your responsibility.

For example, imagine for a moment you were selected to attend a Space Shuttle Launch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.   If the weather is bad, they can’t launch and do not take responsibility for the delay or costs to people coming to view the launch.  Same kind of thing, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. SO THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP.

2) Taking into consideration the possibility of a rain day and filming moving to Sunday instead of Saturday… you might want to consider arranging any transportation back home accordingly.  In other words don’t schedule any flights or rides back home until at least after 8:30 PM Sunday or even better, Monday.  The biggest and baddest scenes will happen late in the day.

It would be a shame to go through all the preparations and not be on set at the very end if it’s moved to Sunday.  If it’s rescheduled past Sunday… we will keep you posted but don’t have the answers to that yet.
In the event of any updates or changes, you will be notified by both a voice blast call to the phone number you signed up with, as well as through email.  If you’re phone number is from outside USA, you will not receive phone call so be sure to check your email if it’s bad weather Friday night or early Saturday.

3) If you’re coming in to see a specific star that is in the final film, please be aware that we do not have any idea which stars will be on set with us.  There are only a handful of scripts in existence and we don’t have one.  Even the stars don’t know what the other stars are doing many times.  Plot security on this film is very guarded so as to give everyone who sees the movie in the theater when it comes out the best possible experience.
Regardless of which stars are on set this day, there will be so much movie magic going on we can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.  And we have some truly spectacular prizes being raffled off all day.

4) There will be very high security.  Everyone will go through a security check.  You must have your set pass (given to you when you check in) on you at all times.  There will be NO CAMERAS allowed on set, and if you’re seen taking pictures with your cell phone you will be immediately escorted off set by security.  There will be security spotters throughout the stadium watching for people taking photos.  We will take as many pictures as allowed by production during the day and post them on our Facebook and Smugmug Photo pages, probably within a week or two and will notify you by email when they’re there.

5) Finally, leave yourself some time to see Pittsburgh and experience it’s sporting events, history, tourist opportunities, and cultural experiences.  And of course it’s wonderful people.  There are also some really great restaurants to eat at. We have a special section online you can visit to see some of these as well as Discount Coupons kindly provided by the wonderful business in Pittsburgh, including: food, cultural, car rental and more. 

We also have some approximate driving times from various cities within 400 miles of Pittsburgh.  Might want to check that out before making driving plans.
Check back here often, as we will be posting updates as we hear of them.

All that said…. WOW, what an experience this should be.
And admit it, you can’t wait to see your scenes and possibly your faces on the Big Screen.
We’re very honored in the trust expressed by the Production Company to invite us to this very special day of Film Magic.
We can't wait to see you on set!







Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania. The characteristic shape of Pittsburgh's central business district is a triangular tract carved by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monogahela rivers, which form the Ohio River.. The city features 151 high-rise buildings, 446 bridges, two inclined railways, and a pre-revolutionary fortification. Pittsburgh is known colloquially as "The City of Bridges" and "The Steel City" for its many bridges and former steel manufacturing base.

While the city is historically known for its steel industry, today its economy is largely based on healthcare, education, technology, robotics, and financial services. The downturn of the steel industry left no steel mills within the City of Pittsburgh and only two remaining mills in the county.

Pittsburgh's Top Areas for Fun, Entertainment, Sights

The Best View of a City Anywhere in the Country!
Arriving from the Pittsburgh Airport be prepared for the best initial view of a downtown anywhere in the country. Once you enter the Fort Pitt Tunnel you emerge on the other side to a spectacular view that welcomes you to the city. Enjoy!

The Downtown area is called the Golden Triangle. Downtown is tight and compact suitable for walking for those staying in downtown hotels. The Cultural District comprises a 14-block area of downtown along the Allegheny River. It is packed with theaters and arts venues.

Restaurants for your consideration - check with concierge
Primanti Bros (Famous Sandwiches)
2 South Market Place

The North Side is within walking distance of downtown across one of the bridges that cross the Allegheny River. The North Side is also home to many popular attractions such as Heinz Field, PNC Park, Carnegie Science Center, National Aviary, Andy Warhol Museum, Penn Brewery, The Rivers Casino

There are numerous bars and restaurants on the North Side. If in Pittsburgh while the Pirates (PNC Park) are home attending a game or visiting the North Side during a game can be entertaining.

Two considerations include:
McFaddens (Irish Pub)
211 North Shore Drive

Jermone Bettis Grille
393 North Shore Drive

The South Side was once an area composed primarily of dense inexpensive housing for mill workers, but has in recent years become a local Pittsburgh destination. The South Side is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

Home of Station Square and South Side East Carson Street is one of the most vibrant areas of the city, packed with diverse shopping, ethnic eateries, pulsing nightlife and live music venues. Check links for ideas, numerous local small bars consider Marioís and Fatheads as jumping off points. Cab or car is best way to get to the Southside. You will not be disappointed.

This area is home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, The Carnegie Institute's Museums of Art and Natural History, Phipps Conservatory, and the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. The neighborhoods of Shadyside and Squirrel Hill are large, wealthy neighborhoods featuring large shopping/business districts. Oakland, heavily populated by undergraduate and graduate students, is home to most of the universities and Schenley Park. Filming in this area is scheduled. You can walk in Oakland area to numerous bars and resturants similar to most college towns. One stop worth making is the Original Hot Dog Shop a.k.a the Dirty O, tums optional.

Shadyside has shops, bars, restaurants need to drive or take cab from Oakland. Most venues are on Walnut St.

Strip District
The Strip District is an open-air marketplace by day and a clubbing destination by night. Home of the original Primanti Brothers popular site for dining after bars and clubs close. Another classic for breakfast is DeLucaís on Penn Ave. Check out Lidiaís Pittsburgh restaurant.

Mt. Washington
Famous for its views of downtown Pittsburgh best at night. Grandview Ave. can be reached by cab or the best way is via Station Square and a ride up the Monongahela Incline. A number of restaurants and several observation platforms are available. Two restaurants for consideration include: LeíMont Restaurant 1114 Grandview Ave. and Monterey Bay Fish Groto 1411 Grandview Ave. Check out the community rocking chairs at the corner of Grandview and Shiloh.

Get Ready for Pittsburghese - Local District
The Pittsburgh English dialect, commonly called Pittsburghese, was influenced by Scots-Irish, Welsh, German, Central European and Eastern European immigrants. Locals who speak the dialect are sometimes referred to as "Yinzers" (from the local word "yinz" [var. yunz], a blended form of "you ones", similar to "y'all" and "you all" in the South). Common Pittsburghese terms are: slippy (slippery), redd up (clean up), and gum bands (rubber bands). The dialect is also notable for dropping the verb "to be". In Pittsburghese, for example, one would say "the car needs washed" instead of "needs to be washed", "needs washing", or "needs a wash". It has so many local peculiarities that the New York Times described Pittsburgh as, "the Galapagos Islands of American dialect."[96] The lexicon itself contains notable loans from Croatian and other Slavic and European languages; examples include babushka, pierogi, and haluöky.

According to the Pittsburgh Film Office, over 123 major motion pictures have been filmed, in whole or in part, in Pittsburgh, including The Mothman Prophecies, Wonder Boys, Dogma, Hoffa, The Silence of the Lambs, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Horror director George A. Romero, a Pittsburgh native, has shot nearly all of his films in and around Pittsburgh, including the majority of his Living Dead series. Showtime's popular series Queer as Folk is also set in Pittsburgh, although actual filming is done in Toronto.



Check back soon for some great discounts in the Pittsburgh area!



But want to be in a future on set film experience?

Thanks for stopping by to check out participating in the filming of “The Dark Knight Rises” filming in Pittsburgh, Saturday Aug. 6th.  Sorry that its too far to travel for a one day adventure.

We wanted you to know we often have amazing film opportunities like this happening all over the country.  We’ve had “Seabiscuit” in Kentucky, “Man of the House” in Texas. Did “The Fighter” in Lowell, not far from Boston, MA.  Same with “TED”.  And of course we have Be In A Movie opportunities in Los Angeles and New York regularly as well.

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In the mean time, here’s a few more ways to find out what’s filming near you.  By all means check them out.

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